5-1-5 Assessment

The 5-1-5 assessment provides good insight into what makes you tick and highlights physiological limitations you may not even known you had. Unlike an FTP test which provides only an average pace or power for 20min but not much else, the 5-1-5 test helps identify if you have a circulatory, breathing or muscle oxygen usage limitation on top of providing performance data.  The test involves cycling or running in broken 10 minute intervals at progressively greater workloads to determine what you can or cannot sustain as determined by the physiological data. Accurate training zones are then established based on your physiological response rather than on how motivated or well you paced yourself like in a standard FTP effort. The end result is you walk a way from this test having a better understanding of what areas of training you may need to work on to achieve that next level of performance!

  • Objective: Determine training loads.
  • Target Group: All Endurance Athletes
  • Level of Exertion: Near Maximal to Maximal
  • Test Protocol: Treadmill running or stationary cycling in repeated 5-minute incremental stages with 1 minute break between efforts.

Assessment Includes:

  • Health Screening (Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Lung Capacity)
  • Body Composition (Skinfolds and %Body Fat)
  • Direct Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide exchange
  • Blood Lactate
  • Muscle Oxygen utilization
  • Heart Rate