Metabolic Efficiency Test (MET)

How good a fat burner are you as an athlete? If you ever wondered, well wonder no more! This assessment will tell you just that.  The Metabolic Efficiency Test (MET) is a sub-maximal nutritional assessment developed by Bob Seebohar of eNRG Performance that can validate if your training regime and daily nutrition are supporting your body's ability to burn more fat while at the same time, preserve its precious carbohydrate stores. Most people only have enough carbohydrates stored in their body to supply energy for about 2 hours of moderate, intense exercise. Contrast that to having hours upon hours of energy supplied from almost an unlimited fat storage and you can see why improving the body's ability to use fat as a primary energy source in an endurance event is crucial.

  • Objective: Identify the training loads that maximize your fat burning and establish accurate  carbohydrate fueling strategies for training and racing.
  • Target Group: Triathletes, Marathoners and other Ultra-Endurance Athletes
  • Level of Exertion: Submaximal
  • Test Protocol: Involves performing 4 to 6  incremental stages of 5 minutes each until your Metabolic Efficiency Point (MEP) has been determined.  

Assessment Includes:

  • Health Screening (Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose).
  • Body Composition (Skinfolds and %Body Fat)
  • Resting Metabolic Rate and caloric expenditure at rest.
  • Percent of energy derived from Carbohydrates vs fats stores.
  • Number of calories and grams of Carbs needed to fuel your training and racing.
  • Recommendation of Nutritional and Training Strategies to improve your Metabolic Efficiency.