VO2max Test

RM750 This is the gold standard for assessing an athlete’s ceiling aerobic capacity. Ideal for any athlete that likes to push themselves in their sport.

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Metabolic Efficiency Test (MET)

RM750 Have you ever wondered if you are a good fat burner? This assessment will tell you just that.

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'Race-Ready' Assessment

RM700 - Follow-up to a VO2max or MET test. - Pinpoints/verifies your target race pace & its sustainability. - Accurately determines your Carbohydrate, Fluid & Sodium intake/needs and Glycogen Load for training and racing. - Evaluation of your running gait included. - Done for cycling, running and/or Bike-Run brick combo. - Test duration is ~2 hours.

Performance Tracking

RM1500 - Professional training & monitoring software. - Creates your Full Metabolic Performance Profile. - Arguably one of the best trackers of your Endurance, Threshold and Sprint Power progress. - Determines your Training Zones very Accurately: - Fatmax (Endurance), Lactate (Intervals), Glycolytic Power (Speed) - Based on several Pre and Post-training tests conducted at our studio.

Sweat Analysis

RM250 Have you ever wondered if you are consuming sufficient salt and fluids during training and competition? Let us help solve this mystery for you!

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Performance Field Testing

We conduct a battery of physiological tests on Field, Combat or Game-based athletes/teams.

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