Performance Field Testing

We conduct a battery of physiological tests for Field, Game-based or Combat Sports.  Test selection is dependent on the desire and needs of the coach or athlete(s) and may include sprinting speed, agility movement, jumping/throwing power, isometric or dynamic strength, running stamina, functional movement ability and body composition. Cost varies depending on the test battery required.

  • Objective: Measure a range of physiological performance markers including speed, strength, power, agility and stamina related to a specific sport.
  • Target Group: Field or Game Sports.
  • Level of Exertion: Maximal

Assessment Includes:

  • Sprint and Agility Testing with Timing gates.
  • Vertical jump power using a force plate.
  • Broad Jump
  • Med Ball Throw
  • Back Extension and/or Dead lift isometric strength.
  • Yo-Yo, 30-15 IFT, 5m Repeat shuttle sprint
  • Skinfold and Body Fat measurement.

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