Get expert assistance in setting up your current bike for optimal comfort and performance. We use state of the art 3D motion capture analysis, pressure mapping, motion sensor and video analysis to guide your ultimate fit solution.


Why train blind? Find out what your current fitness level is the way the Pros do, We use the same test protocols and procedures elite athletes go thru to get accurate and reliable results. You don't have to be a pro to test, just the same "try your best" attitude that will enable you to track your progress with more certainty and direction.


If you need help with your training structure or achieving specific performance goals, our cycling studio and instructors whether it be a podium finish or a personal best achievement, we can assist you. We offer coaching assistants and a fun training our endurance coach and sports science specialist can guide you along with his decades of expertise in training and conditioning.

Comprehensive Fit

RM950 (Road) / RM1150 (TT) For those who have either been riding for a while or who have comfort issues or performance limitations that need to be resolved.

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Basic Fit

RM600 (Road) / RM750 (TT) Appropriate for Novice cyclists who need to be set up properly on their bike and/or need a quick check of their positioning.

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Same Bike - RM450 (Road) / RM600 (TT) Different Bike - RM600 (Road) / RM750 (TT) We offer two types of refits. Click Learn More for more details.

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Cleat Alignment

RM75 If you need to have your cycling cleats properly aligned on your shoes to ensure maximum comfort and performance, then sign up for this service.

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Bike Sizing on Retul (Fit) Bike

RM500 If you are thinking of buying a New Bike, the best way to know the appropriate size and setup of your bike is to have a BIKE SIZING analysis performed.

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Remote Bike Sizing

RM250 For those who have already done a bike fitting or sizing session with us but looking at getting a new bike and not sure of the size or setup, we offer a remote sizing service.

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VO2max Test

RM750 This is the gold standard for assessing an athlete’s ceiling aerobic capacity. Ideal for any athlete that likes to push themselves in their sport.

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Metabolic Efficiency Test (MET)

RM750 Have you ever wondered if you are a good fat burner? This assessment will tell you just that.

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'Race-Ready' Assessment

RM700 Prepare for your race including performance, nutrition and hydration advice.

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Performance Tracking Bundle

RM2500 Test - Train - Retest

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Sweat Analysis

RM250 Have you ever wondered if you are consuming sufficient salt and fluids during training and competition? Let us help solve this mystery for you!

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Performance Field Testing

We conduct a battery of physiological tests on Field, Combat or Game-based athletes/teams.

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Running Gait Analysis

RM350 Running gait analysis is the study of how you run, typically to identify and correct biomechanical inefficiencies that might lead to injury or to improve performance.

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Custom Plans with Testing

Ideally, have us assess your fitness first, then create a custom program based on your test results, targeted event and objectives, then re-assess you to determine the progress you have made leading up to your event. This is a great way to stay motivated knowing you will be re-assessed.

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VO2max Sdn Bhd is a local company offering sports science services
to athletes and sports enthusiasts within Malaysia and beyond. We provide
expertise in bike fitting, training and performance testing.



Sports Physiologist, Certified Retul Fitter, Certified MET Training Specialist, IRONMAN Level 1 Coach

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