Comprehensive Fit

Road Bike - RM950

TT/Tri Bike - RM1150

The Comprehensive fit is aimed at those who have either been riding for a while or who have comfort issues or performance limitations that need to be resolved!  During this detailed session, we look at all aspects of your riding position and functional movement ability (or lack of) to achieve a fit on your own bike that encompasses comfort, enhances efficiency and maximizes performance potential.

Session Includes:

  • A review of your riding history, performance goals, & comfort issues on the bike.
  • An assessment of your functional mobility and stability on and off the bike.
  • Cleat alignment with corrections, shoe wedging or shimming if necessary. 
  • 3D Motion Capture analysis of your bike position and riding (both sides).
  • Motion sensor analysis of your TT position (for Triathletes).
  • Saddle pressure analysis to assist with saddle fit and positioning.
  • Adjustment to your bike set-up driven by evidence-based results. 
  • A comprehensive report summarizing the results of your fit with recommendations for future actions.
  • If necessary, exercise suggestions to help improve your functional capability.
  • A follow-up session* if you feel the original fit position needs tweaking or has not helped you.

  • If you wish to be fitted on 2 bikes (Road bike) within the SAME SESSION, cost for the 2nd bike is RM450.

Please note if you have changed parts on your bike (e.g. different saddle, new stem) since the first fit or wish to be fitted on a different bike, these are considered outside of the original fitting and therefore incur Refit charges. See “Refit” service for prices and descriptions.