Sweat Analysis

How much fluid and salts should you be consuming to maintain hydration and reduce the risk of cramping?? One of the greatest conundrums for any endurance athlete is how much sodium and fluid they should consume each hour.  Let us help solve this mystery for you!  With a simple sweat sodium concentration test combined with sweat rate measurement, we can accurately measure your normal sweat sodium concentration and provide a customized sodium and hydration plan for you to use during training and competition.

  • Objective: To determine how much sweat and salt (sodium) you lose per hour and recommend hydration strategies during activity to offset this loss.
  • Target Group: All Athletes.
  • Level of Exertion: Submaximal
  • Test Protocol:  Ride/Run at varying intensities for an ~hour or just long enough for you to develop a good sweat!

Assessment Includes:

  • Pre-Post weight loss.
  • Average Sweat Sodium Concentration from several sites on the body.
  • Full Interpretation
  • Hourly sodium and fluid intake recommendations.