VO2max Test

This is the gold standard for assessing an athlete’s ceiling aerobic capacity. The test is ideal for any athlete that likes to push themselves in their sport and who wants an accurate measurement of their fitness level and training zones. Test results include peak aerobic power achieved (VO2max level),  lactate threshold and muscle oxygen usage efficiency.

  • Objective:  Measure peak fitness level.
  • Target Group: All Endurance Athletes
  • Level of Exertion: Maximal
  • Test Protocol: Treadmill running or stationary cycling in 4 min incremental stages to exhaustion.

Assessment Includes:

  • Health Screening (Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, Lung Capacity)
  • Body Composition (Skinfolds and %Body Fat)
  • Direct Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide exchange
  • Blood Lactate
  • Muscle Oxygen utilization
  • Heart Rate